When Bone Meets Meat

Character design

This character was inspired by my playfulness to illustrate a character in an awkward situation for the audience. Therefore, I thought it would be funny that a meatless character meets a piece of meat. Here I realized that in illustrations, you need to exaggerate the body language because subtle expressions only might not be the most effective.

Bedtime Story Lighting Tests

Digital lighting and compositing tests for Bedtime story.

Here I am testing out the lighting possibilities for this layout or scene I have. The questions I had to think about were: how to make this scene more compelling, how does the lighting create a different story and how to create a point of focus with lighting. I decided to use black and white so the lighting is purely objective from color.

The Monster of Darkness

Character turn around for a monster design.

This character was inspired by the news about Vanta black.

Duck Duck Man

Character design sketch inspired by animals.

This character was inspired by my thought about what if the animals become human. I often think that this person or that person looks like a certain animal.

Storyboard Design

Experimentation for abstract forms and color design in storyboards.

IB Art: Pieces of Pride

Tissue paper rolls

103 x 73 x 23 cm


These tissue paper rolls consist of tiny elements of Thailand and the rolls make up the shape of Thailand as a country.

Three Giraffes

Character design for three related characters.

This character set was inspired by how I can create three different types of characters that belong to a family. Here I considered the color, body shape and facial expressions.

Dog Days Storyboard

Storyboard for Junior animation final.

Making this storyboard helps me see how the color contrast creates focal point and assist with the visual flor of the story.

Dog Sketches

Graphite and color pencil.

These drawings emphasizes the aspects of my dog, that others may see as disgusting, but I miss and love.

Lobster Spa

Watercolor and ink.

This was inspired by my funny idea: what if a lobster (a hard shell creature) goes for a back massage. This also combines both of my favorite things: a lobster and massages.

IB Art: Preservation of Memory

Embroidery on graphite

100 x 75 cm


This work is a part of my series about time and memory. It illustrates me and my best friend with time sewing across it.

Bedtime Story

Watercolor and Micron.

This is a fantastical scene that I wished I was in.

Thesis Concept Sketch

Set and concept design for Senior thesis animation which is in progress.

Dog Sketch

Fun Sketch I did of my dog.

IB Art: The Hunt for Escape

Acrylic on canvas, cardboard

120 x 80 x 30 cm


This work shows three deers in three different dimension. This work is also in a set of series related to time and memory.

Maya Lighting

Lighting test in Autodesk Maya. I modeled the head, set, light and animated this scene.

IB Art: Path of Life


Watercolor on paper

86 x 69cm